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73.95 - 122.95 P+P FOC

An extensive range offered by Harris, ultralight and lightning quick. Folding legs have completely adjustable spring-return extensions except the LM models.

Please telephone for the additional details and individual prices.



Airgun Tilt Dianna/RWS
65.95 P+P FOC

Specifically designed for Dianna/RWS and similar air rifles with no swivel studs.



TC Rigid Match
49.50 P+P FOC

TC Rigid Match Bipod designed for rifles where no swivels are present. Drilling and Tapping required.



Rigid Service Barrel Mount
61.95 P+P FOC

Rigid Service Bipod, fits securely onto barrel.



Varmit Roto Tilt Heavy Duty
129.95 P+P FOC

Varmit Roro-Tilt Bipod. Heavy duty locking legs, attaches to swivel stud, sealed leg extensions.



Leg Extensions
17.95 & 19.95 P+P FOC

Extra leg extensions to give extra height to any bipod.



Universal Shotgun Adapter
19.95 P+P FOC

Universal shotgun adapter attaches to any barrel. Use with Rigid Service Bipod.



Match Sporter
57.95 - 88.95 P+P FOC

The Match Sporter bipods are available in three formats - Rigid, Tilt and Roto-Tilt. They fit to all rifles with standard swivel studs and a further swivel stud is provided for sling attachment. 

With spring loaded adjustments from 6" - 9" they are compact, unobtrusive and suit most prone position shooting.

Also Available

Sporter 9" - 13" (upto 21" with optional extenders).

61.95 - 107.95 P+P FOC

Made from lightweight aluminium, spring loaded legs adjust from 9" - 13". Can be used in the prone, rested or sitting. Bipods attach to swivel studs and a further swivel stud is provided for sling attachment. Bipods can be positioned so that the legs fold either forward or backward when not in use.

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