Shakespeare GTM 40 Depth and Temperature Meter

GTM 40 Depth and Temperature Meter

Have you ever wanted to accurately assess the depth at which you are fishing and the temperature of the water? Of course you have - but how? This knowledge can increase your catch ratio and is now available by using the GTM 40 Depth and Temperature Meter which is exclusive to Shakespeare.

  • Already acclaimed in Europe by both river and lake anglers, the GTM 40 can be used either from the shore or from boats.
  • Simply attach to your main line and cast into the area where you wish to measure temperature at various depths.
  • The LCD display will show depth and temperature in metres/feet and
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius. To assess water temperature at various depths simply obtain by pressing the side button.
  • Settings cannot be changed accidentally while the meter is submerged.
  • Size: 9cm x 3.5cm.

An accurate state of the art depth/temperature meter suited for a variety of applications.

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