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Fishing Around Dornoch 

Brown Trout Lochs 

There are six lochs in the Dornoch area, all within easy reach, travelling times vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes from the town centre to the loch side. All lochs have boats, four of which have car access to within a couple of hundred metres of the anchorage.

Bank fishing is also permitted on four lochs, bank fishing is still allowed at Littleferry, (south side only), although this is not under the control of the association. Littleferry is a tidal estuary offering Sea-Trout fishing by spinning or fly.

For further information and permits contact George Campbell at Dornoch Outdoor or on 01862 810610.

Lochs within the association are:

Brora   Laoigh   Bhuidhie   Cracail   Laro   Lagain   Lannsaidh

Fishing Permits Available Here

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